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reluctant to use alien invasion.
Sara ☮

15121997 xoxo , wishes for present :3
I'm born to be rebellious and that's me
Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I'm not one of those people


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BrEnDoN lAu-FrEnDz
cAi yInGz-SkOoL mAtE
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DoN hEnG-AvA sEnIoR
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♥ElCIaA-PrEtTaYe JiEhH
ElSa ChAn-HiStOrY cHeR
En Qi-mEihH
♥En XiAn-MuMmY
♥EsMoNd-CoOl GuYs
♥FeLiCiA-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
FiNo-AvA sEnIoR
FiOnA-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
HiDaYu-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
HuI mIn-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
♥HuI sHi-BeStIe
HuI tOnG-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
♥JaDe-Domokun Miehhh
JaIvIgNeSh-AvA jUnIoR
JeNsEn-AvA gRaDuAtEd SeNiOr
♥JeSlIn-LuRvEaBlE gUrL!
♥JoEsPh-ShUaI gE
JoNaThAnA-AvA jUnIoR
JoShUa ChEnG-KoR
JuLnIeE-SkOoL mAtE
JuN wEi-KoR/AvA sEnIoR
KaH cHoOn-KoR
KeLlY-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
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♥LiYaNa LoTtA-LoLaaaaa...
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♥PeI pEi-EdGeFiElD sEnIoR
♥PuAy TiAnG-SoUlSisTeR
♥Ru BiN-LuRvEaBlE gUrL!
♥RuI lInG-LuRvEaBlE gUrL!
♥rOnGsU-SkOoL MaTe
RuFuS-AvA sEnIoR
♥SaKiNaH-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
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SeAn LiM0-AvA sEnIoR
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♥ShI hUi-ChIoBu aNd lEsBo!
♥ShI HuI-BlOodTwIn.
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SuE aNn-GeOgRaPhY cHeR
♥TiNgTiNg-LoV-eD dRuG!
♥XuE yInGz-FrEnDz
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WiNnIe-NeTbAlL cHeR
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♥Yi JiNg-NeTbAlL sEnIoR/ LaOpO
♥Yi LiAnG-GuY
Yu TiNg-NeTbAlL sEnIoR
♥ZhI hAo-DuN nOe...
♥Zi YuN-ChIoBu!
♥♥6LoVe-BeSt ClAsS!
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Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 11:34 PM
So long never update.

Hi her sweett candyy here. Helping Sara to update her blog. As maybe she's busy with her secondary school's work. So yea, idk what to write for her, so, short post alright? Sorry sweett candyy, idk what to write for ya. (: Good luck for your studies yeaa and jiayouu for everything that you do k ?! So, gonna end here, byee, love ya, sweett candyy. ♥♥


Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 6:03 PM
It's not the days in your life you'll remember, it's the memories

Hey! Its like a hunderd day since i blog?
Hahah ,
seriously , Imma starting to getting lazy day by day
what a lazy meee! Haha.
Ytd , rotting @ home th whole morning
Then went back to pri skool to buy sis book
headed to pp l8tr on to buy some things
tosay , going out l8tr ^^


Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 6:48 PM
I forgave you for what you did, but i still die a little inside everytime i think about it

I was sort of blog so went to updat tis little space of mine :)
Seriously , life is prefect as I planned.
kay , go to thanks Filbertina and Shihui for helping me to blog ,
tyvm , greatly appreciated :)

It is easier to walk on water with faith, than to walk on thin ice with fear


Monday, November 15, 2010 - 3:39 AM

Hello , *wave*
Shihui here ,
Gonna help my lesbo post blog .
Hahas , I'm lame .
Hmmm ,
One plus one=two .
Yes its two !!!
She still in the don't what country ??????????
-thinking in progress-
Hehes .
Hmmm ,
Isis ,
nevermind i forget already , kinda stm D:
Ohmygod ,
i saw pimples in my forehead .
Shooshoo .
I don't know why i'm so lame ,
Hahas .
Thats all ,
*waves* Byes ^_^

Sunday, November 14, 2010 - 5:15 AM
You don't have to live in weakness because God's power is available to you everyday.

Helloooooooooooos peepos (:
It's like finally , I fork out th time to blog :)
Didn't manage to find a pic , oh well .
Happy birthday to Ryan and Javier .
Well , seem like I'm talking crap here ,
back to twitter-ing ,
bye .

I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 12:07 AM
I hate eu Sara

Filbert ;D says:
. haiz
. quiet plss
. =D
. let me watch in peace

Sara ang says:
.I can't
.Unless you help ME! blog :)

Tsk ur so evil Sara, making(forcing) ur cousin help u blog >:O

Oh well, Take care and stop eating Stickys :) BB

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 6:25 PM

kbai .